Burn Mark: A Photographic Memoir of the Six Day War, by Avner Offer

Burn Mark: A Photographic Memoir of the Six Day War

By Avner Offer

Published 6 November 2014

Paperback: 144 pages

66 plates + 11 photographs

Lintel Press, Oxford

ISBN: 978-0-9931051-0-4

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The 1967 Six Day War in Jerusalem – an Israeli soldier’s narrative in words and pictures, taken at the time and on the spot. A selection of these pictures won the first prize in a post-war exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art in 1968, and are kept in its collections. It is unusual for such powerful pictures of war to be taken by an ordinary soldier. The book was assembled in 1968 and has remained unpublished until now. It evokes the intimacy of a small unit in wartime, its moral dilemmas, and the life and death of one member of the company. It bears witness to the most charged moment of the war, the capture of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Images of Palestinian dismay foretell an historical dilemma which continues to unfold. The author subsequently became Chichele Professor of Economic History at Oxford, a Fellow All Souls College, and a Fellow of the British Academy.